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Residents of other nations can become legitimate occupants of America. As proof of their legal status, the United States issues them ID reports, called permanent residence cards.

Why Do You Want Permanent Residence Card?

  • You can buy homes in America, and you can, without much of a stretch, get a home loan for procurement. Your Green Card will help you obtain a home loan, and the banks in America won't charge you higher rates.
  • Aside from claiming homes in America, you can have vehicles, guns, and different things that the Americans are by and large allowed to hold.
  • You can pick any American state and live there all time. You can move anyplace inside America, and you won't be needed to get consent from the USCIS to move to another American state.
  • Your perpetual occupant card will help you acquire an expert permit and become a land or a protection specialist.
  • You can appreciate practically all the rights under US law, aside from casting a ballot, which is just implied for US residents.

Where Can Find Permanent Residence Card:

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